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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy or Relationship Counselling as it is also known can help people to resolve conflicts in a healthy, lasting way. By improving communication skills and developing a deeper understanding of the issues or destructive patterns which may be negatively impacting the relationship, the therapist can help couples bring about the necessary change for a healthier, safer and more understanding relationship.

Image by Rainier Ridao

Couples therapy or relationship counselling as it is also known can help couples who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationships. Your therapist can help you improve communication skills, learn to really listen to each other and find a better way to connect. 

Couples come with a range of difficulties in therapy such as:

  • Communication: Couples finding it hard to talk and listen to each other, or feel ignored, criticized, insulted, or belittled by their partner

  • Problematic behaviours: such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, social media, texting, internet or infidelity

  • Intimacy: Lack of affection or closeness, seeking to improve their sexual relationship, or experiencing difficulties during intercourse.

  • Family issues: Problems concerning childcare or home duties, relationships with extended family, and maintaining healthy boundaries

  • Mental health: There may be issues with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders which impact the relationship

  • Bereavement, loss, or grief: helping couples cope with the impact bereavement, loss or grief can have on the many areas of a relationship

If you are struggling within your relationship we can help. Feel free to get in touch and we will arrange an appointment to help you start making the changes you require to improve your relationship. 

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